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Ask anyone who’s done it and they will tell you nursing is at once the toughest and most rewarding field anyone can enter. And many of them also say there’s nothing else they’d rather do.

Nurse puts education to use sooner than expected

Tara Culbreath, RN got into nursing knowing she’d one day have the opportunity to save a life. But the December 2015 graduate of JRMC School of Nursing probably didn’t expect it to happen a mere six months into her new career.

Landing and succeeding in your first job

The first job is a journey all its own. Hospitals and clinics are in the business of landing the best candidates they can, so competition is intense. Even if you are one of those who gets multiple job offers at graduation, there’s still a learning curve once you get there. 

Nurses' empathy a key ingredient to mental/emotional care

In the realm of patients with mental illness, emotional health issues or addiction, nurses exercise many of the same attributes and skills as with patients facing physical illness, plus one. 

More Cardinal Rules for the Job Inerview

Punctuality is just one element of a successful job interview. Here are other things to remember as you set out to make that all-important first impression.

Privacy and Social Media issues

Social media is pervasive; by definition it follows us around and permeates every aspect of our lives. For those who have grown up with social media, it’s sometimes hard to see the potential threats that a Facebook post or at-work Instagram selfie pose to patient privacy and by extension, your job.

How to Fund Your Education

We polled our panel of experts to get their best tips for paying for nursing school.

My Generation

Walk around any hospital or nursing home or visit virtually any clinic and you will immediately notice the incredible diversity of the nursing workforce. From “old school” nurses to the millennial generation, from the influx of men in the field to people of various ethnic backgrounds, today’s marketplace demonstrates room for a little bit of everything.

Three generations of caregivers learn from, lean on each other

Mallori Kunkel was born into nursing. No, seriously. 

New-generation nurse enjoys older generation of patients

Kelsey Agre, RN at UAMS, is what you might call an old soul. Or at least, that’s where her calling as a nurse has drawn her, ever since nursing sparked her imagination around the age of 8. 

Bridging the Generation Gap

Nurses share their best advice for leading mixed generation teams successfully.

AHA, ACN organizations serve, develop Arkansas

Arkansas’ nursing community faces many challenges outside of the examination room, clinic or surgical unit emanating from the college campus and the halls of the legislature. 

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