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Practice Plus

[Imag2]Practice Plus is a management service organization founded in 1993 with a mission to become the most trusted business partner for health care providers. That mission was established with one sole purpose: to allow physicians the ability to focus their time and energy on serving their patients with quality and compassionate care. 

Over the years, we have seen many changes in the health care industry. The words “paper charts,” “billing” and “collections” have been replaced with “electronic health records” and “revenue cycle management.” Information is shared and communicated in dramatically different ways and medical practices have evolved in numerous ways. 

Many of Practice Plus’ physician partners have expressed the struggles they had with business of health care, making sure all employment laws and regulations were being followed and ensuring their revenue cycle was performing in an efficient and successful manner, to name just two. Through a wide array of services, Practice Plus helps its partners better understand and successfully manage the business of health care. 

Practice Plus allows physicians to focus their time and energy on patient care while keeping financial success for the practice an important goal. Some examples of how Practice Plus assists partner practices achieve financial success includes leveraging the purchasing power of 70-plus clinics, management of all managed care fee schedules and the ability to ensure the physician and the clinic are paid appropriately for the services provided. 

When providing assessments for clients, there are many areas that Practice Plus will examine, but a few of the areas we focus on include purchasing of goods and services, revenue cycle management, fee schedules, human resources functions, coding, risk management, information services, medical malpractice insurance and accounting.

There are many other areas that Practice Plus provides value and efficiency to our partner physicians, we have just listed a few. The saying that we like to use is, “If it has to do with helping run your medical business, Practice Plus can help provide it.”


Nursing Notes

“Rev. Cornell Maltbia, chairman of the Conway Regional Health System said, ‘Stay focused on the why, not the what. Why did I become a nurse? To carry out the commandment to ‘love others.’ ” 

Lori Reynolds, BSN RN OCN Cancer Program Outreach Coordinator Conway Regional Health System
Years in Nursing: 23


Lori Reynolds, BSN RN OCN
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