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Lewis Wills


HealthSouth is one of the nation’s largest providers of inpatient rehabilitation services and the importance of nursing to rehabilitation can’t be overstated. Rehabilitation is a team effort focused on restoring quality of life. And HealthSouth registered nurses are an integral part of the care team on which patients and their families rely. The rehabilitation nurse helps patients reach their therapy goals when therapy is not in session. Every day, they have the resources needed to deliver the best possible care:  a culture that values every individual; a professional work environment where patients come first; access to the best possible facilities and equipment; opportunities for career advancement; Ongoing training and education; tuition reimbursement; and outstanding compensation and benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about our RN opportunities at the Sherwood, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Jonesboro or Hot Springs Hospitals, please visit our website:  or call 314-677-5918.


Nursing Notes

“I think the different generations could work to share different communications styles with each other. As a member of the Baby Boomers generation, I prefer to communicate in person, whereas many Millennials would rather communicate electronically. In any workplace, being on the same page is incredibly important and without good communication with each other it can be nearly impossible.”


Floyd Eddie Carter Nurse Recruiter, Arkansas DHS
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