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Recruiters - Schools

Brinda McKinney


When admitting students into a nursing program at Arkansas State University, faculty and advisors look for students who have good study habits evidenced by their previous scholastic performance. Nursing students need good time management and communication skills. People with a natural tendency toward compassion, and who are caring and honest often find a nursing career very rewarding.


Nursing Notes

“There are all different levels of experience. There is also a separation of culture. Many older nurses are afraid of change. New nurses are often very willing and eager, but lack the clinical experience. There is a great opportunity for exchange of information and ideas however, nursing has largely been a culture of ‘nurses eat their young.’ It is a job trying to instill a different culture and ideology. The best managers are not managers at all. They are leaders.” 


Jessica Rouse, RN, Chief nursing officer, Rivendell
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