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Kathy Pierce, RN, MNSc, CPHQ, CNE


For residents of southeast Arkansas, access to higher education has frequently been a challenge. However, for the last 35 years, the JRMC School of Nursing has offered skilled nursing instruction that has launched hundreds of careers as Registered Nurses, and the program continues to grow and expand with each year that passes. The school offers a 17-month Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program featuring a low student to teacher ratio, a simulation laboratory, virtual learning environments and a computer lab. The hospital is just one block away, making it easy for clinical rotations. The JRMC School of  Nursing is ABHES accredited. For young people just starting a career or non-traditional students beginning a second career, the JRMC School of Nursing is a convenient, competitive choice. For complete details go to or call 870-541-7858.


Nursing Notes

“I think the different generations could work to share different communications styles with each other. As a member of the Baby Boomers generation, I prefer to communicate in person, whereas many Millennials would rather communicate electronically. In any workplace, being on the same page is incredibly important and without good communication with each other it can be nearly impossible.”


Floyd Eddie Carter Nurse Recruiter, Arkansas DHS
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