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Stephanie M. Miller, BSN, RN IV, CCRN, H4 CVICU/TSICU, UAMS, Little Rock


Stephanie graduated from UAMS College of Nursing in 2011 with a BSN. She’s worked in the CVICU/TSICU for the past five years. She obtained a national specialty certification (CCRN) as well. She is an RN IV and work directly at the bedside. She also helps with precepting and teaching new staff as well as doing various projects to help ensure we provide the highest quality care possible. 

Stephanie says, “I work in the Cardiovascular/Trauma intensive care unit at UAMS. Every day is a little bit different, but I always start out by getting report, assessing my patients, charting, and giving any ordered medications. The teamwork among nurses and techs is amazing. I love my co-workers and feel that without them, I would not be successful. It really does take a team to provide great patient care and I enjoy being part of a diverse multidisciplinary team where each person has valuable input. If you love people, then this is definitely the career for you.

“Working as a patient care tech was invaluable experience for me while I was going through nursing school. I would encourage anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in nursing to first get a job as a tech or nurse’s aide so you can experience firsthand what its like to care for patients and actually see what nurses do.”

Nursing Notes

“A caring attitude is a great asset to have; you also need flexibility and ability to adapt to any given situation, along with the desire to study and learn.”


Tammie Townsend, MNSC, RN Henderson State University
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