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ASU nursing college enjoys explosive growth over 20-plus years

In just over two decades of existence, Arkansas State University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions has enjoyed leapfrog growth and industry recognition that places it on par with any nursing school in Arkansas.

Since its founding in 1995, the college has nearly doubled its graduates from 331 to 602 in 2015 and grown its semesterly credit hours from 12,600 to nearly 60,000 over the same time period.

“Our mission is to provide quality education to students, graduates and health care providers in a variety of health disciplines,” said Susan Hanrahan, dean. “Recognizing its unique position in the lower Mississippi Delta region, the college provides educational programs that are designed to promote lifelong learning based on the expressed needs of its varied constituencies.”

Along with increased numbers have come a rapidly-increasing number of accredited degree programs, from just eight in 1995 to 22 undergraduate and graduate degrees today. More than 500 clinical sites contract with the college for experiences in a diverse array of settings.

ASU’s innovative research and health programming has been equally robust. Among its more recent initiatives has been studying the potential clinical applications for visible and near infrared light as treatment for disinfection, wound healing and neuropathies, studying the long-term effects of antidepressants on the serotonin system and the relationship between foot sensation loss and balance in persons with diabetes.

The college also supports a range of community service initiatives. Since 2000 alone, the college has launched three major educational programs, including the Billy Joe and Betty Ann Emerson Grief Seminars (2005), Regional Center for Disaster Preparedness Education (2006) and Beck Pride Center for America’s Wounded Veterans (2007).


Nursing Notes

“Keep your work life and personal life balanced. Get enough rest, play and make sure you have good vacations. I am lucky because I have relatives all around different places in the world that I can go on vacation. I try to have at least one long vacation each year when I get away totally and relax and enjoy myself.”

Helen McLennon, RN
Arkansas Children’s Hospital 
Years in Nursing: 41


Helen McLennon, RN
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