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Pulaski Tech now UA-PTC, part of University of Arkansas System

One of the state’s largest institutions of higher learning, North Little Rock’s Pulaski Technical College has joined the ranks of the University of Arkansas System, a collection of 12 four-year and two-year institutions of higher learning as well as seven other affiliates that focus on specific fields of study.

The move, which became official in February, was accompanied by a rebranding strategy and new name, the University of Arkansas-Pulaski Technical College (UA-PTC).

As a result of this affiliation, UA-PTC students enjoy a number of new benefits, including easier transfer into other four-year schools within the UA System, new networking opportunities and an enhanced online learning infrastructure, eVersity, the UA System’s online college.

The partnership is expected to benefit students in all academic areas, including UA-PTC’s nursing program. The school supports two educational tracks in Practical Nursing; the traditional track is an 11-month certificate program beginning in August and ending in June of each year, and the nontraditional track is a 22-month certificate program beginning in August of each even year and ending in June of the second school year. Both tracks include summer courses.

Entrance into either nursing program is highly competitive; only 30 positions are available each year in the traditional track and 10 positions every other year in the nontraditional track. Practical Nursing students are selected for enrollment by a point system, based on Kaplan Admission Test scores, advanced coursework and medical certifications.

Classroom instruction is supplemented with clinical experiences in area hospitals. After graduation, students are eligible to apply for the state licensure examination.


Nursing Notes

“Keep your work life and personal life balanced. Get enough rest, play and make sure you have good vacations. I am lucky because I have relatives all around different places in the world that I can go on vacation. I try to have at least one long vacation each year when I get away totally and relax and enjoy myself.”

Helen McLennon, RN
Arkansas Children’s Hospital 
Years in Nursing: 41


Helen McLennon, RN
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