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The STATE of the profession

Nursing is evolving in response to changes inside and outside the field. Among the many qualities a person needs to be a good nurse is one you might not think of immediately: An openness to change.


The vast and varied world of nursing

It’s a deceptively simple word: “Nurse.”  Just five letters that most likely call to mind the image of a woman in a white dress standing beside a hospital bed, maybe taking a patient’s temperature or giving medication.

Stepping Stones

One of the best things about choosing a career in nursing is the ability to work in your field almost from day one — and to continue working as you pursue your educational goals.

The second time around

Shellie Mollette was a crime scene investigator. Suzan Blair worked in telecommunications construction.  Richard Lovell programmed computers. Suzanne Harris was a high school English teacher.

Arkansas for Nursing

Nursing is a great career, offering job security, challenging and interesting work, and the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of individual patients and the community as a whole.>> READ MORE

Experience counts

Nursing education programs can provide clinical skills and knowledge, but there’s nothing like actually being responsible for a patient’s care and well-being. >> READ MORE

Soft Skills

Every nurse spends years in the classroom and on the hospital floor studying and training to learn all the complicated medical information needed to take care of all kinds of patients. But those clinical skills aren’t the only ones nurses need to be successful today. >> READ MORE

Psychiatric Nursing

As Kerry walked across the parking lot from her car, she inhaled the brisk autumn air that filtered through the tall trees that surround the park-like campus of The BridgeWay. It had been nine years since she graduated with a degree in nursing but her nursing career doesn’t look like what she had imagined. 

TESTIMONIALS from employees at The Bridgeway

Beyond Candy-Striping

Nurses on a Mission

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