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Birth of a Nurse

Ask nurses why they chose their profession and many will tell a story about a personal connection: time spent caring for a sick loved one, or growing up with a mother or uncle who worked as a nurse and realizing they wanted to follow in those footsteps.

Life Cycle of a Nurse: Childhood

Maybe you’re a young mother and you need the quickest route possible to a stable, secure job. Or maybe you’re a high school valedictorian with the time and financial ability to attend college full time for four years. Maybe you’re a 40-something dad in a career that no longer interests you or works for your family, but you need to keep working while you get the education you need to transition to a new line of work.


Life Cycle of a Nurse: Growing Up

It would be easy to assume that because there’s such a shortage of nurses nationwide, anyone who earns a nursing degree will have no problem finding a great job with fantastic pay and hours that don’t involve nights, weekends, or holidays.

40 Under 40

One oversees staff education programs at a major hospital. Another spearheads efforts to improve the way nurses care for the most fragile infants. Others work in university classrooms making sure tomorrow’s nurses have the intellectual and clinical skills they need to provide excellent care.


The Life Cycle of a Nurse: The Middle Years... and Beyond

Ask 10 nurses who started working at the same time in the same job 15 years ago what they’re doing today and you’re likely to get 10 very different answers. The profession of nursing is one that allows for tremendous career growth and encourages lifelong learning — through formal degree programs, certification in a specialty area, or even just through workplace seminars. 


Speaking the language

As chief nursing officer for Conway Regional Health System, Jacquelyn Wilkerson has a list of qualities she looks for in applicants for nursing positions. There’s education, of course, and experience, and evidence that the candidate can function well as part of a team. And then there’s one other skill that you might not think of in relation to nursing.


Keep the fire burning

Burnout is an issue in any profession, but especially so in one as intense as nursing. The hours can be long, the work physically hard and emotionally demanding. 

15 Surprising Facts about Nursing

Nurses make up the majority of hospital staff nationwide. 

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